What services does Impact Your Wealth offer?

Sunil Patel with Impact Your Wealth offers financial counseling for those looking to begin the retirement savings process. Helping Texas clients plan retirement, Patel works with each pre-retiree's individual situation to formulate a plan that fits their needs. Along with financial counseling and retirement planning, Patel offers clients premium finance in order to further fund life insurance policies.

How is Impact Your Wealth different?

Unlike other retirement planning businesses, Sunil Patel lives by the "Love all, Serve all" philosophy. He comes to work dedicated to his clients' future and devoted to each situation's success. He knows that successful retirement plans are those people believe in, and does not work to sell his clients something that won't benefit them. Sunil Patel is different because he is committed to serving you.

How do I start planning for retirement?

Begin by visiting with an experience and understanding financial planner like Sunil Patel. Patel begins each meeting by asking clients what they want from their retirement. From there, he formulates options that best suit each client's retirement ideals to get the process started.

When should I start planning for retirement?

It's best to start planning for retirement as soon as possible. If you're not quite a "pre-retiree," you can still begin saving for the day you leave you career. Though each situation is unique, a majority begins the first stages of the retirement planning process in their mid-30s.

What is premium finance?

Premium finance is a life insurance option in which a loan is issued to a client in order to cover the funding of life insurance premiums. For specific clients, it can be a useful tool with benefits that include a reduction of out-of-pocket costs for the client, minimal impact on current investments, and potential tax advantages.


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