A financial advisor plays a very personal role in people's lives. It's not surprising, then, that it can be overwhelming to find a financial advisor and wealth management firm you trust and want to work with for the long-term.

At Impactyourwealth, we founded our practice to help physicians, dentists, and family-owned businesses to serve as a trusted advisor with whom they feel comfortable discussing their financial concerns, life journey, and big dreams. We strive to instill a sense of security and arm them with a comprehensive plan that incorporates both their immediate and long-term goals and outlines how they can successfully transition from where they are today to where they seek to be in the future.


The greatest thing we aim to provide is an improvement and an enhancement to the quality of your life. How is this accomplished? Through designing a financial life plan to systematically meet your goals and ultimate aspirations. Too often, firms don't offer a full spectrum of services that cover the many unique financial needs business owners, dentists, and physicians have. From planning for your business to investing for your family, we address the entire landscape of your needs today, tomorrow, and down the road. Our strategies and advice are jargon-free, straightforward, free from hype, and based on solid research and decades of experience. By providing personalized strategies, ongoing education, and strategic advice, our objective is to empower medical and dental professionals and family business owners to make informed decisions. We hope they feel confident knowing our insights and recommendations are based on a deep understanding of what they seek to achieve.


What really differentiates our firm from others is our service that goes beyond financial planning and investment management. We truly understand our clients' day-to-day issues in operating their practices and businesses. We help them with many of the financial aspects of their business. Some of the items we've assisted clients with include:

  • Helping them understand their financial statements so they can evaluate opportunities and pinpoint struggles, which could be high labor costs, overlapping duties of employees, outsourcing business tasks, or helping with business development or marketing. Once those are identified, they can develop a business plan with their other advisors that aims to eliminate their struggles and maximize opportunities.
  • Evaluating additional revenue generators, such as hiring a physician or dental assistant or introducing more efficient technology.
  • Creating a plan for the succession of a physician, dentist, or family owner, which may include evaluating outside groups or companies who may want to purchase the business.
  • Coordinating and scheduling annual meetings with their other advisors, including CPAs and attorneys, to ensure all strategies are cohesive and integrated.

There are several main reasons why clients choose to work with us. First, we provide an in-depth financial life plan designed to help clients meet their short and long-term goals and aspiration.

Second, our clients gain a keen understanding of their financial habits and decision-making through our behavioral DNA discovery process. Clients discover their learned versus natural behavior and what sabotages their decision-making. Simultaneously, this approach helps us gain a stronger understanding of our clients' behavior and personality before looking at the numbers, providing them and us a more useful roadmap to begin smart financial and personal decision-making. We provide every client with a personal family financial website to help them track and follow their goals and monitor where they are in the process. We find this site helps them feel more confident in their decisions.

Third, our fee structure is unique in our industry. While the majority of firms are either commissionbased or charge a fee for all assets under management, we charge a flat annual retainer fee. This helps clients understand what they're paying without having to worry about hidden fees.

Lastly, we have specialized experience representing medical and dental professionals and small family business owners. By focusing on serving these industries, we've gained an in-depth understanding of their day-to-day issues concerns, and frustrations. Our goal is to remove and transfer these concerns to our side of the table so they can focus on their passions in life and experience less stress.


There is nothing more satisfying or fulfilling in our jobs than seeing our clients reach a goal or successfully tackle a financial milestone. We enjoy meeting with physicians, dentists, and business owners in all stages of life and learning about their goals to see how we can help. To schedule a complimentary financial consultation, or to get a second opinion on your current strategies, contact our office today by emailing me at info@impactyourwealth.com or by phone at 702-813-3545.

Our Approach

We Help 'The Best' (You) Get Better By Providing Comprehensive Solutions For You To Achieve..

  • More TIME
  • More MONEY
  • More FUN

Our comprehensive Tax Planning & Wealth Management Process


We will map out your goals, needs and future plans.


We gather all your crucial data.

Collaborative Analysis

We use collaborative approach to identify personalized strategies

Develop Plan

Provide unique solution tailored to client's goals with our wealth and tax strategies


Once we jointly agree on the strategies, we will start implementing your plan


Ongoing monitoring and review to ensure your plan is on track. We will revise as often as necessary as your personal circumstances change.


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